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Húzd fel a kis békát és engedd el a víz tetején! Látod, milyen mókás a fürdés? Ez a cuki kis állat addig szeli a vizet, ameddig csak szeretnéd! Merüljetek el együtt a habok között és játszatok egy nagyot közösen az esti alvás előtt!

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Magni creates toys and promotional articles (B2B) for vendors and institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and all across Europe.
We may not be the biggest player in our field, however we strive to always be better at what we do.

Since 2001 Magni has developed a philosophy which is based on a holistic attitude towards the concept of product quality. By being present at all phases; from concept development across production, marketing and sales, we want to represent a coherent sense of quality and safety to our retailers and end users.

Therefore, our goal can be formulated as always being present with a broad assortment, having an easy and flexible ordering and delivery process, and to have quality products which fulfill or exceed all safety and durability standards.